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エアバンドレシーバーキットの組み立て、改造を手掛けます Assemble and remodel Chinese airband receiver kit

R909-DSP-OLED版の操作フロー The flow diagram for R909-DSP-OLED version



I’m making the airband receiver with TA2003 as a frond end, Si5351a as a local oscillator, and Si4732 as a mother receiver. The block diagram of OLED display type is below.




This rig's operation flow is the following steps. The rotary encoder is showing menu as a roulette and to select a cirtain one on RE-SW pushing. Double pushing is effecting to store the related parametrs in EEROM. l will introduce it by key operation flow diagram as below. 



Operation flow

さて、スケッチですが、当初ADAFRUITSのOLED、ETHERKITの5351a、PU2CLRの4732ライブラリーを組み込むとフラッシュ使用量が100%を越えました。試しに5351aをTJ labのコードにしたら、90%を下回ることができ、他にもメモリー削減努力したら83%まで低減できました。SRAMも1kは残さないといけないので、F(***)なども多用し50%以下となっています。

At first the usage of flash(ADAFRUITS'sOLED、ETHERKIT's5351a、and PU2CLR's4732 are contained.) was more than 100%. And I changed ETHERKIT's5351a to TJ lab's code, then it became less than 90%. Also the other effort resulted 83% usage. To save 1k byte SRAM for OLED lines buffer I used F(***) function and it was less than 50%.




Front panel



There is a video but the version is last but one.