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エアバンドレシーバーキットの組み立て、改造を手掛けます Assemble and remodel Chinese airband receiver kit

Introduction to homemade air band receivers (2_4) R80 kit

(This material is translated version.)

Next up is the R80 kit. This kit seems to be developed and manufactured by the same manufacturer as the first model.

R80 front view


Mr.kon has reported of kit assembly on his blog. I asked Mr.kon some questions, bought a kit, and assembled it. Thank you for his cooperation. 
(⑲ Manufacture the Chinese AIR band receiver kit (R80 Aviation Band PLL Receiver Kit Aviation Radio Aircraft Tower Call DYI kit))


An English version manual made by ZL Ham is being distributed. When assembling the kit, we created a Japanese translation of the assembly operation manual using the English version of the manual as a reference.


By the way, there are two versions of R80: V6 and V7. I bought the V6 and assembled it. These two have completely different circuit configurations. V6 has the configuration NE5204-NE602-TA7640-MC3361-FM62429-LM386.

The block diagram of R80


I think the sensitivity is good because it is a double super and has an LNA. However, Skelch is unstable, so it's noisy when used as a standby monitor. I tried modifying it.


On the other hand, V7 has the configuration TA2003-TA2003-FM62429-LM386.



I put it in a case 88x38x120 made of drawn aluminum. Which is sold on AliExpres.