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エアバンドレシーバーキットの組み立て、改造を手掛けます Assemble and remodel Chinese airband receiver kit

Introducing my DIY radio kits.(1 of 4)

(This is translated material.)
I think there are many people who buy air band receiver kits from Amazon etc., assemble them by soldering, and then use them.
I made it, tried running it, but thought it wasn't good enough, so I ended up putting it in the junk box.

Although it is affordable, it is a kit that requires some time and effort to make adjustments after soldering. You can just assemble it and use it as a side dish, but if you put some extra effort into it and start from a digital VFO optioned, it will transform into a cool receiver that rivals commercially available airband receivers.

Here we will introduce the assembly, modifications, and improvements of the receiver, which we call Unit 1. This project requires skills such as soldering, wireless knowledge, Arduino sketch development, and aluminum case processing.

I have explained each part several times. I recently ported the latest self-made version of the R909-DSP control sketch to this receiver (unit 1), so I decided to organize the information to my memory.

The remodelled Chinese airband receiver kit

First, the approach to assembling and putting this receiver together involves the following steps.


1. First, buy a kit from Amazon or Ali Express and assemble it.


2.Assemble a board named R909-Panel board as a digital station generator, which includes Arduino, digital station generator, board connection circuit, and display section.


3. Make modifications such as importing from external stations, improving LM386MUTE, and extracting AGC.


4. Process the aluminum case and attach the switch and LCD.


5. Assemble and wire the radio board, PANEL board, Si5351a module, LCD, and switch.


6. Write the sketch to Arduino pro mini or ATmega328P using Arduino IDE.


The following explanatory documents are available as a reference for the above work.


Assembly manual

Squelch modification

Schematics for incoming LO signal


Case in



How to design the sketch
If you would like to get the latest version, please ask me via mail.

The information of Debug Panel PCB

The note for PCB of R909-Panel

Inside the case

Block diagram