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エアバンドレシーバーキットの組み立て、改造を手掛けます Assemble and remodel Chinese airband receiver kit

Modifying the Chinese kit with the VFO-PCB of Si5351a again.

At first I bought the Chinese airband receiver kit and assembled. After then I remodeled it with Si5351a VFO local oscillator. And I used Si5351a VFO local oscillator for Si4732 radio.



The R909-DSP is composed with the VFO-PCB of Si5351a and the RF-PCB of Si4732.

This time I diverted the VFO-PCB for the Chinese airband receiver kit.


This is the assembled PCB.

VFO-PCB of Si5351a


Please look at the brock diagram below.

The brock diagram of CN-AB-Radio_No3

I installed the both PCBs in YM-180 case. There is VFO-PCB on left side and RF-PCB on right side.

Inside the case

Combining the VFO-PCB of Si5351a controled by Arduino, the Chinese airband receiver kit was reborn as a stable scanner. I also adopted the 10.7MHz crystal band pass filter and the noise less switch muting circuit of LM386.

So I could incorpolate the 8.333kHz channel spacing.


If you are interested in detail, please find the schematic and the BOM of VFO-PCB.


If you would like to follow the experimant, I will show you the PCB zip file and the sketch. At that case you shall get PCBGOGO ID resistration through the below site freely and tell me the ID number via mail. My mail is "nobcha48 at".