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エアバンドレシーバーキットの組み立て、改造を手掛けます Assemble and remodel Chinese airband receiver kit

R909 radio

Introduction to homemade air band receiver (4_4) R909-DSP(Si4732+Si5351a)

(This material is translated version.) R909-DSP The last radio I will introduce is R909-DSP. This receiver was designed and sketched by myself based on Jason's idea of the R909 receiver. I thought it worked for the time being, but there we…

Introduction to homemade air band receiver (3_4) R909 kit(TA2003+Si5351a)

Next up is the R909 kit. This kit was developed by JasonKits. JasonKits is running as an e-commerce site by Ham on the island of Malta, which sells a variety of electronic circuit boards and kits. In the area of hams, he is distributing op…